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How to solve Rubik's Cube

...in very few moves, with no memorisation

These pages describe a method for solving Rubik's Cube very efficiently and without memorisation.

Are you a beginner? You may prefer to try the Beginner's Rubik's Cube solution first.

Why solve without memorisation?

Learning to solve Rubik's Cube without the aid of memorised sequences is certainly much more difficult than just memorising the answers. So why bother doing it the hard way?

My own motivation was to discover the cube's secrets, to be able to actually solve it rather than recite memorised answers, and to solve it efficiently. If you have similar goals, then this method might be for you. If not, you may instead prefer this Beginner's Rubik's Cube Solution.

Where should I begin?

If you want to jump straight into it, here are the solution steps. However, in order to master these steps, you may need to first study the sections on cube theory and fundamental techniques.

Rubik's Cube Simulator...

A video of my Rubik's Cube Simulator made by sushibuffet. Try the classic version here or the newer version here.

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Visitors can now easily communicate difficult cube configurations to each other using the Share your cube feature in the sidebar.


A new version of the Rubik's Cube Simulator has been uploaded to hi-games.net supporting larger cubes up to 10x10x10 with highscores.


Rubik's Cube Chat is a new chat program with a live Rubik's Cube, useful for showing people cube moves over the Internet. It's a slightly late Christmas present ;-)

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