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Rubik's Cube: fundamental techniques

Move it out of the way

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As more and more pieces are joined together, we need to be increasingly careful not to break apart blocks that we have already formed.

In the cube to the left, the two red/white pieces are perfectly aligned and can be joined in one move. However, by doing so we will destroy the two connected white pieces on top. Click play to see what would happen.

Notice that although the two red/white pieces were successfully joined, the two white pieces that were on top have now been split up, and the block that they once formed has now been destroyed.

The strategy to use in this situation is to first move the two white pieces out of the way so that they will not be destroyed by our planned move. Click play to see this in action.

Notice that this time the two white pieces that were on the top are still connected together and have not been destroyed. They were merely relocated to a safer place while joining the two red/white pieces.

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