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Rubik's Cube techniques

Commutators: pair 3-cycles

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Once you understand how to construct corner 3-cycles it is quite easy to extend the same idea to corner/edge pairs by treating pairs as single units. In the table below, the first column illustrates standard 3-cycles of corners, while the next three columns illustrate similar 3-cycles of pairs:

Corner 3-cycles Pair 3-cycles(v1) Pair 3-cycles(v2) Pair 3-cycles(v3)

Note that (v2) and (v3) really achieve the same effect as (v1) when conjugated by a rotation of the bottom face. This means that it is not really necessary to use (v2) or (v3) unless you wish to save 1 move by choosing the column that already has the bottom face at the optimal starting rotation.

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