development plan

Sequential tasks are listed vertically, and parallel tasks are displayed horizontally.
Create a working runtime environment for multiple processes based on the Kaffe JVM.
Get AWT working in this environment.
Release a distribution of rheise.os containing a simple desktop environment, and various applications and servers.
Create a replacement for Kaffe written in the Java language (pjvm) and integrate with rheise.os.
Replace Linux and pjvm with a single virtual machine based on pjvm
Implement proper resource control
Implement persistence support in pjvm
Integrate persistence with the naming system.
Implement a filesystem on top of persistence.
Design and implement the following components:
  • User and security model
  • Improved process and IPC model
  • Packaging system
  • Networking
  • etc.
Develop a more sophisticated desktop environment

Copyright (C) 2001 Ryan Heise