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rheise.os is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License. Please refer to the license for more details.


Currently, rheise.os must be run on top of an existing Java Virtual Machine (JDK 1.1 or higher). In the future, rheise.os will include its own JVM with special support for Java processes.

Current features: multiple processes, IPC, sysv-style init, command-line shell.


There are two types of releases:
  1. The rheise.os distribution releases contain rheise.os plus tools needed for a working system. Distribution releases have filenames of the format: rheise.os-dist-version.ext.
  2. The plain rheise.os releases contain only rheise.os itself. They have filenames of the format rheise.os-version.ext.


  • host AWT finally works with jdk1.2+
  • various simple desktop tools included with distribution
  • made ProcessManager.runtimeExec implementation specific
  • added monitor debug code


  • includes sysv-style init program
  • the kernel is loaded into process 0
  • better support for native implementations
  • ProcessKiller thread handles process termination requests
  • renamed SystemObjects to ProcessEnvironment
  • UserToken is now an attribute of ProcessEnvironment
  • native AWT works with rheise.os/host on jdk1.1 for Linux
  • fixed defineClass(java.lang.*) bug in host implementation
  • JavaProcess.waitFor() no longer provides daemon option
  • added source code comments
  • renamed rheise.os.* to os.*
  • renamed rheise.osp.* to os.impl.*
  • debug messages printed through os.debug package