This is a copy of the Rubik's Cube solution that I published in 2003, republished here in 2007 for historical purposes. My current solution can be found here

My Rubik's Cube page

My solution to the 27/06/2003 Fewest Moves Challenge.
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This page describes my system for solving the Rubik's Cube. Its primary advantage is that it requires relatively few algorithms, yet produces very short solutions compared to other systems. This system has not yet been proven in speed cubing, but I think that sub-17 second average times should be possible, judging by the number of moves.

Step 1

Average 18 moves. Details

Step 2

Average 5.71 moves. Details

Step 3

Average 8.5 moves. Details

Step 4

Average 12.48 moves. Details

Total: 44.69 moves

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