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This is a chat program with a built-in Rubik's Cube in which any moves you perform on the cube will be seen by everyone. Pretty cool, eh? I imagined it could be used for instructional purposes (i.e. to teach someone to solve the cube over the Internet) and maybe some games are also possible. The cube is keyboard controlled. If you don't know what the controls are, they are the same as those on the Virtual Rubik's Cube page (click on "show help" on that page).

A few points of ettiquette: 1) don't hold onto the cube for too long unless nobody else is waiting to use it; 2) don't take the cube from someone else, unless they are no longer around or idle (actually, taking the cube from someone while they are using it might make the internal chat state inconsistent, that might even make the whole thing stop working for everyone. The program's not perfect yet, so please try not to break it! )

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