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rubik's cube records list

51.Sy Dar09.80 seconds
52.Phil Thomas09.81 seconds
53.yourfault09.81 seconds
54.Lia Deguzman09.90 seconds
55.Dear175 109.94 seconds
56.Alex Languisan09.98 seconds
57.Cobi09.99 seconds
58.Michael Moore10.00 seconds
59.stanly6010310.00 seconds
60.Dylan Phillips10.03 seconds
61.Pity10.08 seconds
62.Stolam Busnet10.09 seconds
63.andres salomon10.09 seconds
64.Hao Chen10.10 seconds
65.Lucas Garron10.11 seconds
66.mebearsoft10.11 seconds
67.Anthony Hsu10.15 seconds
68.Huynh Quang Thai10.20 seconds
69.HCuber10.23 seconds
70.Lucky10.24 seconds
71.Ryan McGinley10.28 seconds
72.Lopburi Sasinin10.37 seconds
73.Radj Castillo10.39 seconds
74.Yan Xuan10.47 seconds
75.Eric Limeback10.53 seconds
76.Joseph Snyder10.60 seconds
77.Dan Cohen10.84 seconds
78.devin10.86 seconds
79.akqazk10.86 seconds
80.rAdJa10.86 seconds
81.King 303skr10.87 seconds
82.Jack Moseley10.88 seconds
83.steven10.89 seconds
84.terry10.89 seconds
85.Daniel Chan10.93 seconds
86.lighttodie10.94 seconds
87.Ian Winokur10.98 seconds
88.11 flat11.00 seconds
89.ibrahim11.01 seconds
90.yumyum11.05 seconds
91.Sean Seavers11.10 seconds
92.Pleeee11.14 seconds
93.Cetron11.15 seconds
94.yimin11.20 seconds
95.Jeremy Collins11.20 seconds
96.MPMAX11.25 seconds
97.Bleh11.25 seconds
98.zeti11.27 seconds
99.Calvin Greener11.27 seconds
100.Jacky Cheng11.41 seconds

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